Week 4 recap

30 Oct

Week 4 will be over in half an hour. I procrastinated all day and I decided to write the recap now. That’s right, let’s put some artificial pressure because I don’t have enough challenge in my life right now.

Linguistic failure of the week : This is an old one but I remembered about it a few days ago. Talking to a course mate about how I was homesick already, I said that I was feeling “upside down”. She gave me a really puzzled look and asked: Why would you be upside down ? Actually, what I meant is that I was going through lots of up and downs. (This one is correct right ?)

The frustration of the week : Currently I have at least 6 blog posts ideas. In one week, I couldn’t write a single one. I have no idea where my time goes and I know it’s only going to get worse. This is a shame really because if I could, I would be posting everyday.

Satisfaction : During a lecture about the European Union this week, guest speaker Antonia Mochan told us that to work at the EU, you need to speak English and French. I wish I knew these languages… Oh wait!

News of the week : For me, Omer Beriziky is a very good friend of my mother, someone I know since I was little. For Madagascar, he is now the new Prime Minister (link in French) of the transition. This former ambassador has been nominated on Friday 28th of October and his mission is to organize new elections. This was completely unexpected news. 

The everlasting question : Have you done your interview yet ? Usually followed by: With who ? How did it go ? The first assessment is everyone’s new obsession.

2 minutes before the start of week 5. Let’s publish the post.


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