Radio assessment part 1: the research

31 Oct

Picture By Alan Levine

Sometimes, getting a good story and the right person to speak to is all about luck. It’s nice to say that I received a fair amount of it this week, just in time for the first assessment.

After a 4 week suspense, George and Charlotte finally explained on Tuesday what would be our radio assignment: “Find a news story about climate change with an international angle. Research, set up and record an interview on the story with a relevant interviewee.”

My reaction: surprise, relief, happiness. My contact and story are already covered. How? Turns out a week before, I arranged an interview with a member of Cornwall Council in Renewable energy named Tim German. 

I wanted to ask him about the results of a recent study which confirmed that earth is warming. However, the assignment was more about interviewing someone in his place of work. The point was to learn how to take control as a professional journalist. I actually had to cancel the meeting because it was in Truro on a Monday morning, meaning I had to miss class. 

Fortunately for me, Tim German doesn’t hold a grudge and accept to reschedule the interview for Wednesday. Most of the research and questions are done, I mostly have to focus on transport. The world decided to help me and I am very glad. 


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