Radio assessment part 3: the summary in 3 points

4 Nov

1. Taking control. Or at least try to. As a trainee journalist aiming at behaving like a professional, part of my work includes being able to place the interviewee in the right position. So before I start recording, I take a chair, move close to Tim German. I also ask him to turn around so we can face each other.

He does  move but he is still facing the wall and is not looking at me. This is going to be hard establishing eye contact. What I should have done : ask him to change his position. What I did: convinced myself it was good enough.

2. Enduring the pain. I start asking my questions and the interview is going well except for one problem: after 5 minutes of recording, my arm holding the mic starts to ache real bad. I ignore it but it’s quite difficult as it’s progressively getting worse. As a result, I focus on my pain instead of listening to the answers. I still haven’t find a satisfying solution to the problem so if you have one, please share it with me.

3. The editing process: After recording the interview, I go back to the university with 16 minutes of audio material. This is way too much considering I need to produce a 2 min 45s interview. At my first attempt to edit, I reduce the piece to a length of 7 minutes. Well, maybe George and Charlotte won’t notice…

The problem is that I got caught into a classic journalist trap: I find a story really interesting and instead of stopping the interview when I thought I had enough information, I kept asking more questions. Now I have to cut a huge part of it and it’s heartbreaking. Everything bit seems so crucial. I don’t know exactly how but I manage to reach the duration required. Perfect…until I decide to record my cues.


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