Radio assessment Part 2: the interview

4 Nov

Friday 4th of November is the deadline to upload the two audio pieces we produced for our assignment. Amazingly, I already completed this step on Monday. So I recorded my cues (the intro to the interview or clip) and attached them to the audio files I sent.

Nice try, real mistake: we were not supposed to do it that way. I find out afterwards that we only had to write the cues and upload the word version.

This is why you should ALWAYS do your work at the very last minute. Anyway, it’s done and there is not much I can do to fix it. Despite the little bump in the finalisation of my work, I’m quite happy with the result. You can listen to my climate change interview with Cornwall Council member Tim German here:

What this audio piece doesn’t say is the process I went through to achieve this final result, click here to read  a summary of my experience.


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