week 6 recap

16 Nov

What does running late mean ? It’s when you publish a recap of week 6 when week 7 already started. Well done you future journalist!

Linguistic failure of the week : Talking about Bonfire night with Catherine and Lisa, I told them that we didn’t have that event in France. However, I explained that the 14th of July, we have fireworks and Fireman balls. Well, turns out, I was talking about a bal as in a party with dance and music. Nice way to learn that this word doesn’t work well when used in plural.

The frustration of the week : Speaking of language confusion, I have to find a way of toning down my accent. Maybe I should do a DeFrench course? Some people say it’s cute but the truth is: when I speak on the radio, it’s sometimes difficult to understand me.

Satisfaction : I can’t really find any that’s related to work but I can tell you that I have been practising my B-Boying skills and I can perform a baby freeze. That’s right, be impressed.

The everlasting question : Why are we using Avid as a TV editing software? WHY? This program is a real pain in the bottom. It’s seems to be possessed by a little demon that refuses to import files or can suddenly shuts itself down for no reason.

Each time I’m working on it, I just want to lay down on the floor in a foetal position. However, it appears Avid is the software used in the industry. So I guess the next question is: you want the job? Stop being so delicate and get on with it.


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