Ready for quiz time?

3 Dec

Alright readers, I have neglected my blog these past few weeks and I will make up for it this weekend by publishing a big fat article. Meanwhile, I decided to whet you appetite with a little quiz. How cool is that? So let’s start now. 

Which government recently decided to:

-Toughen the measures to obtain the country’s citizenship ?

-Harden conditions for family members to join an immigrant living in the country?

-Increase the number of illegal immigrants expulsions?

-Announce a reform of the asylum system which include reducing its budget?

Change his mind and decided to be against the proposal that foreigners should be able to vote in local elections? 

Restrict visas work permit granted for foreign graduates?

Any idea?

Yes it’s the French one, good guessing! You have won the right to join me into desperation. By toughening its immigration policy, the UMP, France’s ruling party is once again hunting the electorate of the National Front (FN), France’s far right political party.

The Socialist Senate (in French) has rejected the new immigration plan for now. Nevertheless, such electoral strategy is a sign that the campaign for the presidential election is going to be ugly. 


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