Week 13 recap

22 Jan
Drawing: Sarah Adija

Drawing: Sarah Adija

Two weeks ago, I was supposed to write a lengthy recap of my 13th week of study as a trainee journalist. I was looking forward to describe how difficult it is to go back to a manic rhythm of work after spending weeks eating Christmas food and watching Keep up with the Kardashians educational programs.

I would have explain how a simple role-play made me realize I absolutely suck at reporting violence and trauma. I also had planned to report on our first visit to Magistrates court. I was going to moan about the fact that the MBJ had the chance to go Crown court and listen to a double murder hearing.

I would have tell how jealous I was that they got this amazing story because yes, that how twisted I am. Anyway, between the assessment we have to hand in very soon and the usual radio and TV programs we have to produce, I had no time to publish a proper blog post about week 13.

The fact that I’m still writing about it is pure procrastination to avoid the prospect of work. Right now, the idea of tidying my room seems more attractive than editing my radio piece. Don’t judge me. 


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