Radio assessment – desperation times

24 Jan
Picture by Santiago García Pimentel (Flickr)

Picture by Santiago García Pimentel (Flickr)

It is time to face reality, I’ve reach a dead end for my radio package which has to be handed in very soon. I was happy with the way things were going so far. The news piece has to cover anything related to the European Union.

I managed to conduct an interview with the prime minister of Madagascar who told me about the EU’s recent decision to recognize the institutions of transition(In french).  I also asked him about the EU’s proposal to support the organisation of new elections. I was overall satisfied with the recording that you will be able to listen in a different post…after all I did manage to speak with a PRIME MINISTER!!

So what is the problem then? Well, you are only allowed to make one phone interview (on conditions that it’s outside of the UK and motivated by editorial decisions). It means that I need to find a face-to-face interview down here. Have you ever tried to find a specialist of Madagascan politics in Cornwall? It’s impossible!

At this stage, I am willing to talk to anyone who can vaguely speak about the subject just to make it work. I feel like I’m damaging my story by trying to make it fit to a yet to be known interviewee. I am absolutely confused about what to do.

Find another story? Break the rule by making a second phone interview? I don’t fancy any of these options, I hope that my day of research tomorrow will bring me a satisfying answer.


One Response to “Radio assessment – desperation times”

  1. catherinefeltham January 26, 2012 at 10:35 pm #

    You interviews the PRIME MINISTER of Madagascar?!! AMAZING!

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