Radio package in three steps

26 Jan
Picture from Flick'er's

Picture from Flick'er's

Couldn’t find any face-to-face interview in Cornwall for your radio package? Have the feeling that you might fail your assessment? Maybe it’s time to activate the desperation mode. Follow these 3 simple steps to achieve so:

Step 1: lower your expectations

Obviously, getting the contact of an expert of Madagascan politics was a bit optimistic. So instead, let’s talk to someone who can speak about the EU in generals terms!

Response from a politics lecturer at Exeter University: “we don’t have any EU specialists in the department, sorry”. Right. Step one completed! Let’s move on to the next phase:

Step 2: bargaining

Which could be replaced by begging. “I just need to speak to someone in general terms, the person doesn’t need to be an expert”. Please, please, please! 

At this point, you are willing to talk to ANYBODY vaguely related to Madagascar, student, staff, animal…. You are also considering a 1 hour trip to go to Plymouth University. Unfortunately, you are still waiting for their reply…

Step 3: Resignation

Admit that you are in a dead end. Embrace your desperation. Write a long blog post to moan about it.

Radio package: the list

8 the number of persons/organisations/offices contacted for a face-to-face interview  in Corwall

3 rejections

2 “we’ll get back to you”

2 no-reply-at-all

1 interview agreed (a second phone interview I’m afraid)


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