The UK is failing on foreign languages

16 Feb

10 billion pounds – it’s the sum lost by the UK every year because people don’t speak enough foreign languages.

It’s also means fewer opportunities for young people in the labour market.

Raissa Ioussouf has more


One Response to “The UK is failing on foreign languages”

  1. petermorey March 18, 2012 at 4:43 pm #

    Hi Raissai! – Here here, I agree with this post!

    Having taught English as a Foreign Language I can also add that there is the ‘English as international language of business’ or ‘English as lingua franca’ factor too. Speakers of other languages make an effort to learn English because it has a direct application in international business, and conversely English people don’t bother to learn other languages because they think they can get by in their native tongue in international business dealings. This situation – English as lingua franca – is probably starting to change around now, which is why linguistic skills are being talked about more and more in England. It’s a shame it takes market forces to encourage people to learn languages; it should be a matter of cultural respect and general education.

    Incidentally, French used to be the lingua franca in the world not too long ago, before English became more dominant. It’s a bit of a stereotype of Anglo-French relations that French people are bitter about this :p

    Anyways, this is Pete from Polyglot by the way. I thought I’d get in touch this way so you can check out my blog too. I’m interested in the illustration work you mentioned last time I saw you as well.

    (my blog: )

    Hasta la proxima!


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