Politics package review: part 2

12 Apr

picture by Howdy, I'm H. Michael Karshis (Flickr)


I am used to write scripts for radio but this time has been incredibly difficult. I attribute this to the fact that the politics package has been preceded by the production of a feature print article.

Writing for radio and print are completely different things and I found myself making lengthy, wordy, detailed phrases, the perfect opposite of a radio script. Sentences must be short, simple and the point.

It was hard going back to this kind of writing when all I wanted to do was waffle. This is probably the reason why my script drifted a bit from the original idea: instead of focusing solely on the aftermath of Toulouse shootings on the Muslims in France I ended up covering lots of aspects of the subject.

How Mohamed Merah’s actions revealed France complicated relationship with its immigrants, the toughening sentences on terrorism acts and the legal aspect of it, the problems of integration as grassroots for radical Islam… I tried to keep everything together and I really hope I didn’t tell four different stories.


For my last radio assessment on Madagascar, I was marked down partly because of a lack of creativity. So I decided to make an effort and include sound effects in my piece. 

I made a little montage of different news journalists announcing the death of serial killer Mohamed Merah preceded by gun shots of the assault. I overlapped the voice of a reporter with the beginning of my script.

I also added an extract from an Islamic call for prayer later on when introducing the rector of Lyon Grand Mosque. I am quite pleased because I feel that the effects fit the story and that I didn’t only used them for the sake of it.

I used to believe that serious subjects like politics didn’t need such tricks but I realize now that it makes a package more dynamic and definitely less dry.

Audience engagement

A bit of creativity is also essential when it comes to engage your audience. While I was doing my radio package I was struck by another revelation: I systematically forget that my work is aimed at someone and that I must find ways to make my radio package appealing.

It’s not worth making something if nobody is going to listen to it and yet, I always tend to assume that if I am interested in, moved, outraged by an issue, everybody will be as well. If only it was as simple as that. 


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