Career history



> RFI – French international radio

  • Freelance Journalist at the English service
  • Research, producing interviews, writing copy

> Al Qarra Pan-African News Network

  • Freelance English Desk Journalist
  • Translation/adaptation of editorial content from French to English
  • Check original story, sources, accuracy


July-September 2012

> AP London International news gathering organisation

  • APTN (video): Researching, video producing, interviewing, filming, editing, ingesting archives videos, ingesting FTPs.
  • London Bureau (print): Reporting stories on the phone and on the scene, writing features and news stories
  • Photos department: photographer accredited for the Paralympics, pictures of action, celebrations and medal ceremonies, liaising with the London desk to organize the coverage, administering clients’ requests


May 18, 2012

>BBC – Broadcasting organisation

  • Broadcasting Assistant for the Olympic torch relay in Falmouth



>Leeds Student Newspaper University weekly newspaper

  • Produced articles on national and international issues
  • Conducted research and interviews



>L’Humanité Dimanche National weekly newspaper dealing with political and social issues.

  • Produced articles specifically on economical and social issues
  • Work included reporting, analysis and interviews.


May-June 2008

>Mon Quotidien et L’Actu National daily newspapers for children and teenagers

  • Writing articles, conducting interviews, press review, researching, proof reading, page editing using InDesign, news reporting.






>International Journalism MA, UniversityCollegeFalmouth

  • Modules include: TV and radio production, research, interviewing, filming, scripting, presenting digital editing, online and print, media law, blogging.
  • Hostile environment training



>International Media Master’s degree (first year), University of Paris 8, Saint-Denis, France

  • Modules include: blogging, press review, international media, photography and literature, cultural diversity.



>BA journalism, IUT (University Institute of Technology) of Lannion, Professionally recognized school of Journalism attached to RennesUniversity

  • Modules include: editorial creation, media economy, team management, investigation, scientific journalism, TV and radio reporting, French media law, page editing, press photography.



>Baccalaureat of Literature, AugusteRodinHigh School (Paris)

  • Advanced English section
  • European Spanish section


Examples of work


Technical skills


Softwares: Avid, Premiere Pro, Audition, ENPS, ELVIS

Page setting: QuarkXPress, InDesign



French (mother tongue) English (bilingual proficiency)

Spanish (intermediate)






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